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222 Meditation Techniques

(3D)-Meditation-Techniques_300x335222 guided exercises suitable for both beginners and advanced seekers who wish to explore the world of meditation

This Everyman’s guide to meditation contains 222 exercises, from breathing exercises, guided meditations and the use of mantras, to special exercises for runners, artists and musicians, ways to overcome depression, stress and bad habits, and even losing weight, this book offers a truly broad canvas of possibilities. The book is intended as a daily life manual – relevant, accessible, simple and eminently practical – that will lead you into a world of meditation exercises from the very first page.

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The Adventure of Lifeadventure of life

On Yoga, meditation, and the art of living

Your spiritual guide for the 21st century by Sri Chinmoy

A modern-day spiritual manual that encourages the reader to embrace new ideas, adding a deeper, spiritual dimension to one’s life. In a clear and accessible way, Sri Chinmoy speaks about the spiritual art of living, society and religion as well as popular topics such as chakras, occult powers and the end of the world, and introduces us to a modern spiritual lifestyle with focus on health, diet, sport, family life and the workplace.
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(3D) cards I up_smA boxed collection of 55 beautiful cards, featuring inspirational aphorisms and meditative artwork by Sri Chinmoy.

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