Unlock the inner dimension of sport.

Bring the power of meditation and mindfulness into your workouts with this practical guide from Sri Chinmoy, the world’s foremost authority on meditation and physical fitness.

Inspiring book for runners, athletes, weightlifters, coaches, fitness experts, meditation teachers, personal growth advisors and everybody interested in self-transcendence.

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Carl Lewis and Sri Chinmoy running together

In this long-awaited book, spiritual teacher and athlete Sri Chinmoy reveals the inner dimension of sport – a dimension that everyone can use to enhance his or her physical and mental training. It is this new facet that enables us to achieve peak performance, to get more from exercise and to enjoy robust and lasting health and well-being.

World champions such as Carl Lewis, Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe, Bill Pearl and Paul Tergat share their own inner secrets and spiritual perspectives on training and competition in anecdotes peppered throughout the book.


Learn from the legends

Sport & Meditation contains inner secrets and anecdotes from sporting legends past and present – in their own words. Here’s a little of what they have to say….


Believe me, the joy that comes from ‘going beyond’ is the most incredible feeling in the world. I have felt it many times. And I have enjoyed watching other athletes experience it. Carl Lewis

9-time Olympic gold medallist

Sri Chinmoy ‘lifts’ the reader of this book into a world of peace and harmony, just as he had done physically by lifting more than 8,000 people through his program of “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart”. Tegla Loroupe

Former womens world record marathon holder

Reading this book will allow you to experience a radiant and abundant awareness of how to achieve happiness. Tatyana Lebedeva

Olympic long jump gold medallist, 2004

Sri Chinmoy is not merely lifting a dumbbell. He is trying to lift the attitude of the world. He is showing us that when we reach for the highest through meditation, we can succeed in anything. Bill Pearl

5 time Mr Universe; voted Best-Built Man of the 20th Century

I believe there is a purpose behind the power I got for my athletic life: that I use the sport with the right attitude and for the benefit of my inner life. Paul Tergat

Olympic marathon champion, former world record holder

I believe that harmony within oneself and with the rest of the world is a key factor for athletic success and happy balanced life. François Gay

Natural Mr. Universe and Natural Masters Mr. Olympia

It works for them.

For at least the past decade, meditation has been used as a natural performance enhancement, using the strengths we already have inside us. See how Sport & Meditation has benefited these athletes…

Excerpt from the book

Whether you use sport just for fitness, or you compete at a high level, there is something in Sport & Meditation for everybody….


Maintaining Your Poise Before a Race

Before the race starts, meditate most soulfully for five minutes. Try to make yourself feel that you are not the competitor, but that Somebody else is competing in and through you. You are only the witness, the spectator. Since Somebody else is competing, you are at perfect liberty to watch and enjoy. While you are competing, sometimes it is very difficult to enjoy the race. Either the competitive spirit or frustration is killing you, or your body is not abiding by your mental will and you feel that you are literally dying…But before you start, if you can convince yourself that you are a divine observer and that Somebody else is competing in you, through you and for you, then fear, doubt, frustration, anxiety and other negative forces will not be able to assail your mind.



Beyond the Age Barrier

The younger you can become, the faster will be your progress. This is absolutely no joke! I am fast approaching sixty-five years of age. I shall do a few more things in this lifetime which I could not do in my adolescent years. I have already done the head balance, which I could never do, even when I was a champion athlete. … If you sincerely want to make faster progress, you have to have a childlike heart. It is the mind that makes us feel we are too old, we are useless. This mind has to be silenced by the will of the heart, by the will of the soul.


Concentration and Meditation for Marathon Running

Before running, meditation is good to make the mind calm and quiet so that wrong forces do not enter. When you meditate, your mind acquires some poise. Then, while you are running, if you can bring forward this poise, it will help you overcome the mental frustration that often comes while running long distances. When you are running long distances, all kinds of frustrating thoughts will come and make you feel that what you are doing is useless. Or the mind will say, “Oh, this is boring,” and you will not want to take one more step. But if you were able to meditate earlier in the day, then you will have acquired some solid inner strength that will carry you mile after mile. Also, meditation teaches you how to empty your mind of thoughts. And if you can keep thoughts out of your mind while you are running, it will help you tremendously — far beyond your imagination.


Joy Is in Progress, Not in Success

Joy is in progress, not in success. Success ends our journey, but progress has no end. When you have a fixed goal and you reach it, that is your success. After that, you are finished. But if you do not have a fixed goal, if your goal is going higher all the time, then you will constantly make progress, and you will get the greatest satisfaction.

So do not be satisfied with success. Aspire only for progress. Each time you make progress, that is your real success.

sri chinmoy lifting

Sport & Meditation is a unique book which challenges our preconceptions of our physical capacities and of the limitations of age. Sri Chinmoy, is the world’s foremost authority on the connection between meditation and physical fitness, showing us how anybody can bring the power of meditation and mindfulness into their exercise and training in a very practical way.

This is a broad ranging book, which synthesises the philosophical and the practical.  It includes specific exercises concerning guided meditation, concentration and mantra as aids to the focus needed in all forms of exercise and training. With detailed instructions, the author shows how meditation and spirituality can help us tap into our inner capacities and transcend our current notions of performance.

Sri Chinmoy was a trailblazer in extreme weightlifting and challenged our very concept of impossibility. He was also a marathon, and ultramarathon, runner and exercised voraciously throughout his life, always drawing on his spiritual practice for his outer capacity. Astoundingly, he continued to transcend his own weightlifting achievements well into his 60s and 70s. (Learn more about Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting)

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Recommendations from happy readers, and news from Sport & Meditation-themed events around the world…

Review on Triradar.com

Alongside learning more about mental preparation and resilience, this books highlights the importance of enjoying sport. This might sound obvious, but this book offers a deeper insight into why we train, why we compete and how it can impact more positively on all aspects of life.

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Review by Thady

Sport & Meditation is a compilation of the advice given by Sri Chinmoy about both over the years. I bought it when i attended the week of free meditation classes given by the Sri Chinmoy centre in Dublin recently.

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Sri Chinmoy: Pushing physical and spiritual limits

Meditation has long been associated with spiritual awakening and deep relaxation, but we uncover the roots of a particular mode of meditation launched by Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual guru whose meditative theories extended into the athletic world.

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Article on meditation and running

An interesting article ‘Meditation and running’ written by a runner and manager of the specialist shop Run & Become in Cardiff, Amaravati Koshutova.

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Review by Tejvan Pettinger

A review of the book Sport & Meditation by Tejvan Pettinger, a cyclist and the UK National hill climb champion, published on 3 July 2016 on www.cyclinguphill.com.

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challenging impossibility

Amazing Documentary

Ever wondered how meditation can change your life? Check out this amazing documentary

Sri Chinmoy defied all notions of age being a barrier to physical development. At the age of 54 he took up weightlifting. Over the ensuing years his achievements didn’t lessen, rather with age came increased strength. In fact, at the age of 76 he set personal bests in a number of lifts, not measured in the tens or hundreds of pounds, but in the thousands.

Challenging Impossibility illustrates that one should never give up, that we can write and rewrite our history through inspired enthusiasm and a faith in our inmost capacities.

This 28-minute short film features bodybuilding and strength legends Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Hugo Girard, Mike Katz and Dan Lurie as well as nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis. Challenging Impossibility also features music by Explosions in the Sky and Arvo Pärt as well as appearances by Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Sting and Susan Sarandon.

About the author

Sri Chinmoy, an athlete, runner, weightlifter, artist and internationally renowned spiritual leader, is recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost meditation teachers of the modern era. For 37 years he was the director of the non-denominational Peace Meditations at the United Nations in New York, and he wrote and lectured extensively on spirituality and meditation.
Learn more about Sri Chinmoy

Our heart’s gratitude
Produces a sleepless energy
Which helps us bring about success
In each and every aspect of our life.
                                     – Sri Chinmoy

Advice to top athletes.

Sri Chinmoy’s impact on the world of sport and inner development was profound, and widely acclaimed. Here is just a selection of the advice he gave to the top athletes of that time…

Dick Beardsley

(USA, Winner of London Marathon 1981 with 2:11, 2nd place in Boston 1982 with 2:08:53)

Question: I ran a 2:08:53 marathon with primarily a road-racing background. Would it improve my chances of making the 1984 Olympic marathon team if I partake in training and racing the 10,000 meters on the track?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely you will improve your marathon time if you run 10,000 meters on the track. Running is a physical subject, a mental subject, a philosophical subject and a subject of the Beyond. In the physical aspect, …

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Franco Columbo

(Body-Building: Mr. World, Mr. Universe and twice Mr. Olympia)

Question: How important are yoga stretching exercises to the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: If one is practising stretching exercises thinking that he will be able to achieve peace of mind, then he is totally mistaken. No matter how many stretching exercises one takes, no matter how many hours one spends stretching, one cannot get peace of mind. Peace of mind comes only from one’s prayer-life and meditation-life. I have a few students who are extremely good at stretching exercises.

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Don Kardon

(USA, President of the Association of Road Racing Athletes; 4th place in the 1976 Olympics marathon in Montreal)

Question: Why do you think runners are often able to achieve a kind of meditative state while running?

Sri Chinmoy: Concentration and meditation are members of the same family. When a runner focuses all his attention on a particular race, he is in a position to free his mind from uncomely distractions. Here one-pointed concentration is the path-finder for deeper meditative consciousness.

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Craig Virgin

(American 10,000 m champion, twice World Cross-Country champion, 2:10 marathoner)

Question: How do I cope with the pressure of winning or, on the other hand, the disappointment of losing, in a sports competition?

Sri Chinmoy: You can cope with the pressure of winning if, a few days before the race or even just before the start, you can imagine the pleasure of rejoicing in your victory. Imagination is not wishful thinking; it is not a baseless reality. Imagination is reality itself in another world. We bring it down to this world the way we bring down fruits from a tree.

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